Why do I need to use the online store?

Orwell Wheelers is now one of the biggest clubs in Ireland. With that success in membership comes additional challenges in administration. Our old order system was straining under the weight and changes had to be made. Changes that will bring the club kit order process into a digital format that most people will feel comfortable with.

You will notice that in order to cover the transaction fees, kit prices have increased by a very small amount. What you won't notice in the price change, is that now your order is fully paid for when you complete the online transaction. No more rushing around with cash or cheques, trying to get to Dundrum after work!

How do I complete an online purchase?

It's very simple really!

  1. Select the items that you want to purchase. Everything has been categorised according to gender and season. Winter gear will only be available around winter time, with summer gear being available the rest of the year.
  2. Enter the secure checkout once you have all the items you want. This is 100% SSL secure! We don't store any card details, everything is handled by SELZ.
  3. Enter your details and payment information. Please note that AMEX is not accepted even though it is listed.
  4. Your order has now been submitted! Once the order window closes, the kit rep will submit this to the supplier.
  5. Your order will be available for collection from the store in a matter of weeks (keep an eye on the forum).

Note: We still have to meet minimum order quantities, so items may have to be cancelled if we can't fulfill these requirements.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Direct all queries to orwellclubkit@gmail.com

Sizing Charts

Most of our kit is designed for both men and women, please use the men's sizing chart below for these items. This includes accessories such as arm and leg warmers.

The following items have women specific sizing:

The glove sizing chart is used to get the correct fit for summer mitts and winter gloves.